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Catalunya (Catalonia)

JosepMunoz produced his first in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. JosepMunoz developed the corporate video image for magazines and had no troubles in using a camera and get the best shot even with a suit on.

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Makedonija (Macedonia)

The Balkan state, home of the culture of Alexander the Great was one of the first International Productions from JosepMunoz (Previously known as JMunoz Productions or and worked with the European Youth Parliament NGO and then with Makedonian Youth Pharmacists, realized two audiovisuals, one in Struga and the other one in Pellister, the second one was broadcasted over tv during their promotion.

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Azərbaycan (Azerbaijan)

The end of the Physical map of Europe resides The land of Fire, this hidden jewel on the Caspian sea have surprised us recently from a country that was known due the Olympic games and oil based economy now it’s known as the Paris of Caucasus.

A country where ancient and classic culture meets with the modern world to surprise the people that go and enjoys it.  Another surprise It’s his people, Azeri people love their culture, traditions and they share it with everyone. The production made in the Caspian sea country was not possible without the cooperation of AGAT-AYTE NGO and it was made inside the EuroIntegration Youth Forum held in the Capital of the Country, Baku.

The production was showcased in the Azerbaijan Youth Foundation Anual Meeting and it was showed to members of the Government of Azerbaijan, European diplomacy, press and attendants to the event.

 Also, I was invited to be on Azerbaijan’s National Broadcaster AzTV where I was interviewed due the EuroIntegration Youth Forum with other participants of the event.

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Madrid (Spain)

Madrid, the capital of Spain it belongs to a region that shares the same name, within that region there’s a City called Las Rozas. This Location close to the capital it’s known for their Outlet retail stores and hosting the Sportive training grounds of the Spanish National Football team.

Also, it’s one of the largest NGO’s in Spain with Experience inside the Erasmus+ Youth Funding (Previously known as Youth in Action)  headquarters, Adefis Juventud Internacional.

The international Promo clip was produced by JosepMunoz and It’s still used everywhere Adefis Juventud International representatives of Spain participate within Erasmus+ funded projects or to search new partners across Europe to promote the NGO and explain what they do.

Other productions made in Association ofAdefis Juventud Internacional, where the clips enclosed inside the Erasmus+ Funded “Young, you have your rights!” Hosted in Las Rozas.

Those clips were sent to the European Commission as part of the Erasmus+ funded event and to digital media outlets.

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Hrvatska (Croatia)

One of the latest countries to join the EU and does not disappoint.

Home of the Kravat that later on evolved into the Tie, also known for the TV series based on the books of Game of thrones but for me, Croatia will be known by the mythical words of Alfred Hitchcock about Zadar’s sunset.

In Zadar, I filmed a series of videos documenting the seminar  “Social Ventures, the new age of business” while I was a representative and participant of the United Kingdom.

This videos were produced with only with an Android Smartphone and published onto youtube with the same device. the Clips were produced and edited on the same day, The technique that was taught to the other participants during the workshops provided between the participants during the project.

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(United Kingdom)

I wanted to develop new media ventures and redevelop the existing projects that I had, meaning that some old projects with years of work were deactivated to work towards this new achievements.

In March 2016 while living in the UK. I’ve started JosepMunoz in Youtube, a vlogging channel where I do a clip if everything goes ok every day where I show what I do, where I am A Video Diary or Vlog where sometimes content is better planned and sometimes it’s more random to keep the things fresh. you can find more about it in

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Alba (Scotland | United Kingdom)

Scotland has been always a fascinating land.

At the moment I’ve produced a few videos inside my Vlog series where I explore this wonderful country land of curious information, house of the first rotating boat lift, Edinburgh Castle and other places where the magic of this Country resides within the capital city.

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