After being featured on an instagram aviation careers page a few times, I have been asked questions by people who have attended the same open day as I have attended. To avoid repeating myself I offer you My Training Experience.

Who was your training provider?

My training was provided by Crewlink and the reason is simple, from all the courses that I have seen with the small hint of taking off after the course, the one provided by this Irish Company provides you not with vague details, more like a full detail work offer including:

  • Free RYANAIR Training Course (In a few words some of you might be knowing I am working with Europe’s largest Airline).
  • Daily Per diem Paid whilist training! (This means less economical strains to become a Cabin Crew)
  • A guaranteed contract (This is straight forward!)
  • Competetive salary.
  • Discounted Staff Travel.
  • Promotional opportunities with the chance to get employed directly with Ryanair.
  • Also, The training course provides you with a Cabin Crew Attestation (to put it in simple words, your cabin crew flight license) and it is EASA Valid! So it is recognized by airlines across Europe!

So in a few words the promise that if I put my upmost I can become a cabin crew with a FREE COURSE, Paid While training and having the certainty of a contract backed up by Europe’s Largest Airline when I cross the finish line of the training. It ticked all the boxes.

If you wish to know more about their recruitment days, click here to know more and maybe join the recruitment days they offer all over europe!

The Recruitment Day.

With regards my recruitment day, I was out of Barcelona when I was called to participate so I jumped on a Ryanair Flight to Barcelona from Valladolid and went for it.

There are a few requirements which are on the emails! Such as having a valid European passport, Full Bodied picture, and obviously a pen as you’ll be taking part on a english test! Yes, you must provide a good level of english, written and spoken.

The venue it is in a hotel where you will have a presentation about the company which you will work for, The english test, details related to the course you will be taking if you are selected and to top it all out it will be followed by the one to one interviews!

This can take the whole day so please don’t make plans until you leave the venue.

Once you leave you’ll be notified by email and from there you are in contact with Crewlink to participate on the courses!

The Training!

Trainings take place all over Europe, in my case I took it in the Hahn Training Centre, a Facility located just in a 20 minute walk from the Same Frankfurt-Hahn airport, the place where you will be greeted by Crewlink Personnel if you land in this airport the day before you start.

The first day its mostly formalities, but from there I embarked on an intensive 6 week course with my goal set to finish the last day with my uniform and my wings in it.

The course was provided by Ryanair Training Personnel and you’ll be learning all you need to become a successful cabin crew.

The instructors have in their focus set on ensure all the students learn from them, and they are capable of giving their 110% in order to succeed, don’t be shy on asking for help to them, they will be happy to help if you need it.

You need to provide your own food but that is easy as there’s a Lidl or Edeka you can buy your groceries and a food truck comes to the training centre during the first break or the lunch break.

All the formalities with regards to documentation and other “paperwork” related stuff, the people on the crewlink office inside the Hahn Training Centre will be more than welcoming to assist you. But if you prepare all the documentation before going to the training, and ask them for checks on it during the same, you will be sorted and just focused on your academics!


With regards to accommodation, I rented private as in my case I am a bit impatient and I like to sort all the things as soon as possible.

In Hahn you can be sorted with the accommodation provided by Crewlink or there are landlords on facebook the woman I found who provide rooms at good rates.

If you rent private as I did you will not have the bus from and to the Hahn Training Centre but it’s only a 20 Minute walk.

In overall.

If you wish to start a career in the Airline Industry, become a cabin crew and as soon as you complete successfully your training, have a contract with Europe’s largest Airline, aside from the perks of Free Training, Per diem Paid and more, with the added benefit of socializing with who might be your galley colleagues. I strongly suggest you to take this chance.


The opinions given on this editorial piece are my own, at any point are Ryanair or Crewlink’s views or opinions. Moreover, neither Crewlink or Ryanair have paid me for this article.

Also, From the jumpseat blogging and Vlogging series are not being made while on duty on the Aircraft. This pieces of content are produced either out of duty or on my days off.