Hello Everybody!

I am delighted to announce I am reaching big steps to release the Sandbox Podcast!

This bit of the project has been rolled back for a while… to be honest the idea of podcasting was in my mind since I stopped making my radio show in January 2015… but Since I haven’t had an idea of what to produce, I had to pospone this several times.

Now with the creation of the new site and thinking on the sandbox project, It is more easy for me to create a project that can be mixing more of the things that I like such as Tech, Cinema, VR and many other things.

Also that gives me a better chance to bring more friends into the making of the project so they can be either once doing the show or be more of a contributor with their ideas and things they like.

This blend of creativity and passions could be expected as soon as the last bits are polished… which I expect to cover them before the end of the week so maybe I can drop an Easter present on your devices soon.

At the moment there’s not that much to say, and If there was… I don’t want to spoil it that much… The Sandbox is growing.

I hope I read you in another unscheduled post soon.