Hello and welcome to Project Sandbox, This will be my place where I will post about my life and share with you about my creative passion.

This publications with an unscheduled system will take place whenever I have spare time to do so always outside of work hours as during my job time I have to be focused on the safety of Passengers, crew and aircraft… Also serving drinks, trying to sell products and stuff but that’s part of the job.

For this new venture I want to work around my creative focus when I can so that’s why the unscheduled nature of the post will hang around, some of them will be podcasts, another ones like this one on written form and also I would like to retake my vlogging… yes, as you read, Vlogging might be back soon.

Also to know more about this project follow me at my social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook searching for JosepMunoz89

I hope you’ll enjoy my posts and I wish to see you reading soon on another unscheduled post.